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A handy communication tool for Cashbuild’s employees
Added 18 March 2015
In addition to using a traditional promotional flyer to distribute in-store, Ogilvy@Cashbuild, a retail division of Ogilvy which handles all of Cashbuild’s retail and consumer communication, selected a pocket-sized Z-CARD® for Cashbuild to hand out to its employees to use as a dynamic tool to assist customers with all of their DIY needs.
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Botswana MVA Fund’s campaign to encourage safer roads
Added 16 March 2015
The Z-CARD®, a paper-based communication tool and the ideal way to condense information into a retainable and highly portable format that fits in your pocket, really works for the Botswana Motor Vehicle Accident Fund (MVA Fund).
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TreasuryOne’s Z-CARD® reflects its new look and feel
Added 4 March 2015
TreasuryOne has again selected a credit card-sized Z-CARD® over a traditional brochure due to the Z-CARD®’s ability to fold into a size that is convenient for the company’s clients to keep with them.
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