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Z-CARD® - Still Number One

Our best selling product continues to be the original Z-CARD® with over 1.5 billion produced. The Z-CARD® remains a great example of a simple and unique idea which has been successful in every market across the world.

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Jumpin Jax ensures engagement for Lakeside Mall
Added 19 May 2015
Primedia Lifestyle Marketing Services selected a PocketMedia® Solutions’ Jumpin Jax – an innovative marketing product with a zip strip on a small cardboard envelope that’s torn open for two small squares to pop out and surprise the opener – for its client, Lakeside Mall, Benoni, to use as part of the mall’s Dress Up Box Campaign.
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A Z-CARD® spreads the word for the Flower Valley Conservation Trust
Added 19 May 2015
Flower Valley Conservation Trust, a non-profit organisation established in 1999, has had a credit card-sized Z-CARD® produced specifically for landowners and fynbos harvesters, to introduce them to its Sustainable Harvesting Programme and to provide a greater understanding of the advantages of caring for a fynbos landscape – not only for the fynbos itself, but also for those whose livelihoods depend on fynbos harvesting.
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Z-CARD® sets Business Connexion interns’ course
Added 14 May 2015
A PocketMedia® Solutions’ Z-CARD® was recently chosen and utilised by Business Connexion to easily empower and inform its intake of 2015 interns.
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