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There is no denying it, digital is more effective than print in certain scenarios. This does not mean print has no place in your company. We believe that the best types of communication should be integrated and holistic. Here are five of our favourite scenarios when print media is hugely effective.
Everyone has the perception that print media is a waste of money because people are just going to throw it away, five minutes after receiving it. PocketMedia® Solutions is here to tell you that you are wrong. Obviously our belief is founded in something… so let’s address this myth.
Print media is the ideal way to reach a niche market or control exactly who is receiving the information that you are distributing, a feat hard to achieve online when everyone has access to pretty much everything these days. When it comes to more personalised below-the-line advertising, print media can help boost your campaign in a number of ways.
Digital. Digital. Digital. These days, all that people talk about is ‘how everything is going digital’ and ‘print media is dead.’ At PocketMedia® Solutions we disagree! We have been around for over 20 years and our clients are constantly shocked and delighted by our new, innovative print communication solutions. Here are our top-five reasons why print media is certainly not dying.
The Soul City Institute has selected the compact Z-CARD® as part of its communication campaign to create awareness around Thuthuzela Care Centres (TCCs) and their services available to rape and sexual violence survivors.
LiveMoya, an integrated behaviour change consultancy that specialises in creating and implementing projects that improve the quality of people’s lives, recently designed a Z-CARD® for its client, the World Bank, to distribute to mine workers to educate them about Tuberculosis (TB).
The Lesotho Land Administration Authority (LAA), a parastatal which manages and monitors land distribution and division for public and commercial use, selected a pocket-sized Z-CARD® as an informative brochure to educate people about lease transfers, land deeds and all of its other services.
Mimecast, an international company specialising in cloud-based email management for Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office 365, selected a PocketMedia® Solutions’ Jumpin Jax Slider to intrigue the media to attend its Anatomy of a Cyber-Attack event.
Oticon had 10 000, 11-panel, credit card-sized Z-CARD®s produced which not only serve as a compact brochure for its clients on how to care for their hearing instrument, but also as a feedback tool when they have it serviced.
Mall of Africa selected a pocket-sized Z-CARD®, which included floor plans of the upper and lower levels and a full store directory, to distribute to consumers over the festive season to ensure that they could find their way around the 130 000m² of retail space with ease.
The Department of Energy has utilised the compact, cost-effective Z-CARD® numerous times to communicate ‘Fuel Saving Tips’ to its target audience.
PocketMedia® Solutions has created numerous solutions for the financial sector.
Here’s a compact, cost-effective and highly retainable way to do so…
Send a Cow is now helping over 3000 households to create sustainable food and local markets in Lesotho, and your support means that the work there can extend far beyond food security too.
Some medical aid schemes, like Parmed and Wits Med, were ahead of the pack this year by ensuring that they sent innovative and engaging communication tools to their clients.

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